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Reliving Life To The Full is an album of rarities to accompany The Story So Far..., Jack's new "Best Of" collection. From Jack's first recordings in 1994 through to unreleased tracks from some of Jack's beautifully-crafted records, Reliving contains some real gems and is performed by a cast of Melbourne's finest musicians.


released October 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Jack Howard Melbourne, Australia

Jack Howard played trumpet with Hunters and Collectors and for the last fifteen years, he's been releasing his own highly- regarded CDs. Along the way, he's also played with Midnight Oil, The Living End, The Violent Femmes, Rodriguez, The Break, You Am I, Little Red, Pete Murray and a host of others. He also teaches music and throws the shot put. ... more

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We speak in tongues and still don't hear
We cover up what makes us bleed
But fear would vanish in the light
All of our secrets deep inside
So much regret we strive to hide
Just let it rest and you will see
We have so much within our reach

I want to read your mind
I don't care what I find
If you're not what you seem
Then it's all the same to me

I have played my best cards
I know you've seen them all before
If I could have my time again
I would change everything
I'll be whatever you want
But what do want from me

I want to read your mind, etc.
Track Name: REPRIEVE
In the rarified air that surrounds the nape of her neck and her shoulders
That's where I dwell when I can
When she lets down her guard and she holds out her beckoning hand

And I fall down on my knees
For one last sweet reprieve
I fall down on my knees
For one last sweet release

So alluring, so fragrant
And I know she's waiting for me
Poised but pious I wait
Willing and able I wait
Then she turns, then she turns to me

And I fall, etc.
He still dreams of mayhem after all these years
And though he's no longer called upon to clear a path or bend an arm
He walks tall before his friends
He used to ride the streets like a silent prince
With trigger fingers and trigger head
He was a man of steel
He had the whole world in his hands

Now it's dial-a-prayer, dial-a-life
Dial-a-whiskey, dial-a-wife
You'll see him round, you'll see him down
In this deadhead bar in this dead end town

Self-love still saves him in the mirror
Those sags don't seem so bad when lit by lamp
And the smile's quite debonaire for one so lost
Now he haunts the streets in the dead of night
With a pain somewhere down deep inside
That can't be reached, it can never be relieved

Now it's dial-a-pryaer, etc

Then the dawn arrives and he turns to dust
And his flower fades with the rising sun
And he's just one of many whose race has been run

Now it's dial-a-prayer, etc.
Track Name: RUN AND HIDE
You had a heart like a burning bush and now the flame has died
You had a head like an open wound
You used to be so brave, so attractive
Now your feet are made of clay and you're all backed up

You better run and hide
Cos it's all you've got left

Now you pace and you preen
And you praise yourself
You're just a new age Babbitt full of tight little habits

I've seen it coming and I've been keeping score
Now you piss in the pockets of the famous and the rich

You better run and hide

It once was a world of endless possibility
It was a life without limits
We all suffer from shrinkage
We all watch the clock
But it doesn't make the fall from grace any easier to take

You better run and hide, etc.
The call of the nightbird as I fall asleep
Naked on the balcony, I stiffen in the breeze
The thrilling hush of the ocean beyond the lights
The peel of distant bells in the dead of night

I'm drifting down, down, down
I'll lead you down, down, down

Rapt in sober solitude, awaiting your caress
In my head I hear your voice and a doleful fog descends

Like driftwood all I do is drift upon a painted sea
Like a painted ship, life goes on below me

I'm drifting down, etc.
Then she emerged from the bedroom
Tall and shining in the light
She wore her green dress and her Italian shoes
And her Evening In Paris perfume
She kissed me hard upon the lips
Took my hand and said we're staying in tonight
We're going to the places where we used to go

Before the fear of flying tied you to the ground

Then she took me by the hand
She led me to the places where we used to go
Then she led me by the hand
And we danced to tune that we used to know
Around and around and around we whirled
Around and around and around

Then the fear of flying, etc.

Well, you can trust a prince
You can't trust a princess
Well, you're no prince anymore anyway, just be my man

Don't let that fear of flying, etc.
Track Name: HOME
It's so late and I don't have a car
Oh so late and home is oh so far
Now I will sit here underneath this bridge
I'll watch the trains go by
Just me and my foolish pride

I would hate to bore you with my tale
But since it's late and since you're in no state
To refuse, I'll bend your drunken ear
I'll buy you one more beer
Just me and my foolish pride

Oh but home is not as far as it seems
Home is never as far as it seems.

I only have one sorry tale to tell
If I tell it over and over, I might tell it well
Now I will sit here underneath this bridge
I'll watch the sun rise high
Just me and my foolish pride

Oh but home, etc.
Track Name: SORRY
Sometimes I look up and I see the beast recede in her eyes
And she tells me of a violent urge
to wipe the smile from my pretty face away

One day she came, poised and primed above me in the bed
With the knife I used to carve the Christmas ham
Held between her slender hands

I don't care if you're sorry
I don't care at all

Then on a strange deserted street
She leaned to me and she whispered
Hasta la vista, baby
Sayonara Joe

I don't care if you're sorry, etc.
Nine long days since I heard any word at all
I checked the phones, I checked the flights
No-one like that on board
Left nothing behind, no messages on the phone
Not even a lipstick trace that I can call mine

It's a mystery to me
I didn't see the signs
Cafe talk making sense, the MataHari line
No records at all, just numbers in her head
Not even a photograph to tear into pieces

Now all my Saturdays are free
See the bands I want to see and the radio is near
And when Sunday comes around
Sunday morning coming down

There's been talk along the street
That she's back on the scene
Her favourite haunts and coffee shops
Neither heard nor seen

She's in with a new crowd
Don't travel with the old
Not even a lipstick trace that I can call mine
Or the shadow of a smile

Now all my Saturdays, etc.
Another day dawns and she remains
As elusive as smoke
On tenterhooks, I wait for a sign
How anxious I feel as the hour approaches
As another day dawns

I feel like fire in the city, I feel like fire
And she's been here I know when I was away
Her fingerprints on my heart
The only sign of her passing
I think about it all the time
As another day dawns

Another day dawns and she remains as elusive as smoke
Her fingerprints on my heart
The only sign of her passing
I think about it all the time
And another day dawns
Out on the streets in the dead of night
Birds in the park, bats in the twilight
The mist closes in, the shadows tumble
Closing in on the forest
East to the sea, west to the desert
North to the light, south to the darkness

Shouldn't be out here at night
But my house burned down
And my fate is sealed
The ? leads me down the curve of your spine
But the pain is only fleeting
Sweet kisses like wine
Nursing a cocktail in the crook of your arm
My ship leaves tonight, we must try to stay calm
My shell collection lies broken and there's only seconds left

Now I've reached the river, I cross it on my back
Floating in the darkness, drifting with the current
Weeds brushing my face
Fish rippling by my feet, wondering when the waterfall will come
Just let go, just ease on in
Surrounded by fields of air spinning out in all directions

Where in the hell did I come from?